Atlas Digest Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Last updated April 23, 2018 at 20:20 EST in midtown New York.

Your use of the Atlas Digest app and website constitutes acceptance of these terms. You warrant that you have the legal capacity to enter and be bound by this agreement.

The Atlas Digest is operated by Cryptoconomy, a corporation registered in Texas. Intellectual and material property rights belong to William Preston Harrison, sole proprietor and operator of Odderon Ventures, LLC, a Pennsylvania corporation in good-faith partnership with Cryptoconomy. Odderon Ventures may at any time transfer full ownership of the Atlas Digest to Cryptoconomy, in which case all intellectual and material property rights shall devolve onto the latter. For purposes of brevity, the partnership between Odderon Ventures and Cryptoconomy shall be referred to solely as Cryptoconomy.

Cryptoconomy grants you, the end user, the license to use the Atlas Digest application and website free of charge for the forseeable future or until further notice. Cryptoconomy reserves the right to revoke the aforesaid license and/or this agreement at any time without notice. Cryptoconomy also reserves the right to alter this agreement at any time without notice; however, we may notify end users prior to making any substantial or otherwise significant changes to our privacy policy.

License to use the Atlas Digest is limited to viewing and interacting with the content featured on the Atlas Digest application and website and does not extend to other Cryptoconomy or Odderon Ventures platforms or services, nor can it be construed as license to sell, share, repackage, alter or in any way profit from the use of such content and services.

Cryptoconomy and the Atlas Digest team take privacy seriously. At this time, we do not request or store your personal information. We do not offer ads at this time and do not forward your tracking history to other entities.
In case we decide to offer advertisements or use your personal data, we will notify you, request your permission and offer you the opportunity to opt out.

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